Health Wellness

Nā Koa Kai Canoe Club’s health and wellness course for youths 8-18 years old is an essential element of our paddling programs.  Our programs help youth to develop healthy exercise and wellness habits that will help them maintain a healthier lifestyle as they grow.   Our programs promote healthy lifestyles and we encourage the youth to share their experiences with their families.  Our youth wellness program leverages our outrigger canoes, portable exercise equipment, and a local Cross-Fit Gym where our youths exercise on rowing machines, sleds, ropes, pull up bars, and other gym equipment.  These facilities combined with other group activities such as rock climbing and stand-up paddle-boarding, helps build a sound mind and body in our youths and helps us fight the obesity epidemic effecting our youth today!

This program is a prerequisite for our “Mālama Maui Program”.